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ILN – Public Service Announcement Part 2 The Video by Brenda Armster!

ILN – Public Service Announcement Part 2 The Video by Brenda Armster!

This is the follow-up video of Part 1 which was a post I made on Facebook about Under30CEO’s special report on “The 30 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs” (

I have mentioned in the past that Vincent Ortega Jr. has shown me a new way to look at business including, training, Internet Marketing, Internet Branding, and Video Marketing. Well, when I read this article by Under30CEO’s I immediately connected with this especially when I found Kansas City, Missouri on the list. If you read below in the Part 1 post you will notice the Entrepreneurs list of companies that have been around for years. Did you notice they mentioned “Kansas City is home to the largest entrepreneur foundation in the World” (Under30CEO). I have actually gone through the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurs Program. Vincent Ortega Jr. is also, a resident of Kansas City and I’m sure his business had something to do with the city ranking #4 as well. He is a GOD fearing 27-year-old husband and father who has chosen to share the gift that he was given with anyone interested. This is the kind of leadership and mentoring I can follow as I’m building my business. The ILN, Internet Lifestyle Network, is his brainchild along with Web Designer Ashley Hatfield and her husband the developer Clifton Hatfield. Here is the kicker this young-man has only been in business for two years. This business relationship of ours has put my brand in a space I would not have imagined so soon even with the training I received at Kauffman.

Now, I’m still here in Kansas City, but Vincent is attending a huge meeting with Mark Hoverson (8 figure earner) in Arizona. I’m sure this meeting is filled with celebration, fun, and business. By the way Vincent is an affiliate in a business opportunity created by Mark Hoverson and I am an affiliate in a business opportunity created by Vincent. When I look at my situation, I definitely have at least two years to dedicate in growing my business while participating in Joint Ventures. Here’s the secret, duplicate what is working that brings in 30 – 50K per month. Now that’s my type of “Simon Says”, while I’m laughing. Watch my video on YouTube channel #BAKC Brenda Armster or

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Watch how I am increasing my visibility, leadership, and growing my business fast with

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You are viewing my value driven website here at one that isn’t all about sales and gives a ton of value away for FREE. It also lets people into my life a little bit, causing transparency and shows that I am a real person. There is training, inspiration, leadership and more all right here.

Family and friends this is how businesses succeed by doing B2B transactions. I love my website that I bought from Vincent Ortega Jr. so, I’m not selling you something I heard about I’m a user of this awesome business solution.

What are you doing to improve awareness and grow your personal or business brand?

I am Brenda Armster, Freelance Designer And Internet Lifestyle Network Solutions Provider sharing with you “Creative Strategies For Our Success” while “Helping you succeed in a Mobile age and beyond.” Growing a business is never easy, but who said it would be? Collaborate with me and grow your online business presence fast!

This video was recorded last night, but due to timing I was unable to blast it everywhere. I will do that now though. And one last thing Vincent has been connecting with us ever since he boarded the plane. He shared with us a statement that Mark Hoverson made “people want freedom” that is freedom to go anywhere they want, buy a $118 lunch, and without having to count pennies take a vacation and not have to pack anything. Come 2014 I will still be here and I will make that trip among others that will improve my business skills, my offerings, and take vacations and blast it on #BAKC Brenda Armster!

Brenda Armster

Below is Part 1 (the Facebook post)
************* PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT *************

Under 30 CEO reports:
Top 30 Best Cities For Young Entrepreneurs 2013

Kansas City ranked #4 and St. Louis ranked #5 in the Medium Cities: Population 250,000 – 500,000 category.

By the way, I am being mentored by a 27-year-old entrepreneur that makes 30-50k per month who lives right here in Kansas City, Missouri.


…You read it right, Kansas City has a growing number of entrepreneurs who are creating new technology, music, jobs, and business opportunities.

Align yourself and your business with a company that’s already making it. Then leverage that relationship while creating your own. Why wouldn’t you take action on

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The success journey want happen overnight for me or you, but that’s ok.

“Motivation creates the lifestyle in the future to afford vacations” ~ Brenda R. Armster

Brenda Armster

Brenda Armster

I’m looking over my shoulder now after reading this:

Brenda Armster

About Brenda Armster

This is the blog site Freelancer Designer and Internet Lifestyle Network Solutions Provider Brenda Armster created to help you visualize how powerful a blog will be for your opportunity. Brenda Armster documented this entire blog setup through powerful tutorials that Vincent Ortega Jr. is only releasing to his members. Visit the "Custom Blog" tab for My Blog Is At to get your very own professional blog.

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